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Captain Brian Helms 

105 Parker Drive Islamorada, Florida

(305) 815-0617

This is the official site for Florida Key’s tournament winning fishing guide Brian Helms.

TARPON on the FLY!

"An experienced fishing guide can put you where the fish are, a fishing guide like Capitan Brian Helms can make it a life time experience that you will want to repeat every year."

Finding the right guide can make all the difference.  The elusive silver king is nothing to mess around with when you are hooked up to a hundred pounds of fishing muscle on the end of your fly rod.

Brian has helped his clients catch and photograph hundreds of big fish – just check out our photo album

If you are looking for a fishing charter anywhere in the Florida Keys call Captain Brian and he will assist you in booking a fishing guide to match your skills and personality -whether you are a tournament angler, novice or on vacation just looking for a fun day catching all species of fish.

Call (305) 815-0617 for reservations



“I recently had Rand Holstead down from Houston Texas for a day of permit and bonefishing. The day started early with the forecast calling for light winds. We started at 6:00 am and after a 30 minute ride we reached our first spot on the oceanside just as the sun was rising. The tide was at the very last part of the fall, we started to push onto the flat and off in the distance you could see the signs of tailing bonefish.

After about 5 shots we hooked up to a nice fish racing out 100 yards or more. Rand lead the fish into the net, we had a nice 8lb bonefish. With the tide now rising we needed to make a move, so we headed into the bay. We pushed into a large hard bottom flat, we didn’t see much at first but as the tide really got moving bonefish started to make their way onto the flat in singles and pairs. After another half dozen shots we caught another fish not as big about 5lbs. With the tide high it was time to head back to the oceanside and look for permit. Permit love hard bottom flats with fast moving current and high tides. The sunlight was good when we poled onto the flat which is a must for catching a permit on the fly. After a while of searching and no luck it was time to go, when I got to the edge of the flat I could see a mud and out of it was the black tail of a permit. Rand made a great cast started to pop the shrimp fly. The fish rose up off the bottom and sucked the fly in. We ended the day shortly after that, not a bay day fly fishing in the Florida Keys.”

Come Fly Fishing for Redfish, Bonefish, Permit and more

catching a fish in action

The Fishing in Islamorada is great all year round! Brian has a portfolio of professional guides (look these guys all know each other) to help to help you book a great fishing charter when thinking about any type of Keys fishing. Looking for Permit? We have regular opportunities for permit on fly as well as with spinning gear. If you want to do battle with one of these brutes Call me and we can schedule a few days.  Plan ahead and be ready for a fight! You will not believe the power in one of the big in islamorada

Brian Helms home base is right in the middle of Islamorada.  With everything you need for a full day of fishing on light tackle or fly. For saltwater fly fishing we use Loomis rods and Tibor reels –Loomis rods and Shimano reels for bait fisherman– only the best gear will handle the power an fight these fish are famous for.  If you are thinking Islamorada Fishing trips go with the best. There are only a few guides who know the area water as well as Brian and his flats boat is immaculate. We catch double digit Bonefish every year! Call now the bone fishing is great.


You will get the best value charters in all the Keys!

Heading down to florida for a little fly fishing? Ask about our custom charters for experienced anglers...

islamorada fish

caught a fish in islamorada








Have you ever caught a double digit Bonefish on a Fly Rod?

We can help achieve that dream...

Looking for something special ask Brian to take you and your wife on an Everglades tour.  You can see alligators, salt water crocodiles, manatee, dolphin (yes like Flipper) and an amazing display of birds and water fowl.  If you like to fish on slightly lighter gear try out the baby tarpon. Baby tarpon can jump 3 times their length out of the water and bend your mind with the fight you get out of these little buggers. Bring binoculars and luch it will be a memorable and safe experience.

On the flats and channels you will find some of the most amazing fish like tarpon, seatrout, big snookredfish, and permit.

Book an full or half day charter with Capitan Brian Helms

(305) 815-0617

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